5 Best Tips for Selling your Home in Salinas, CA

Are Interested in Selling your Home this Year?

Eddie G. here – your local real estate sales guide in Monterey County. Here are 5 Home Seller Tips that will get your home SOLD in LESS TIME, with LESS HASSLE, while NETTING YOU THE MOST PROFIT!

1. Get Rid of the Junk

Potential home buyers will soon be walking through your home to envision the possibilities of living in the home. And we’ll need to make them fall in love at first site.

Now, not everything is junk of course. Although minimizing picture frames, furniture, room accessories and even those tiny refrigerator magnets can make a big impact on the sale of your home.Your action step: Schedule time this week to walk through your home and figure out what can be stored away, donated, or thrown away!

2. Update the Interior Paint

Yup, the interior paint of the property can make a huge impact on the sale of your home. Now… I have visited many properties where the interior paint is screaming with bright red, blue and purple colors! 

This is all good if you are planning to stay. However, for a home buyer, this can be the single reason why they don’t make an offer. 

By simply updating your interior paint to a neutral color such as; Navajo White, Worm White or Light Gray – can increase your chances of a quick sale with less hassle! So why not make the simple and inexpensive change?

Your Action Step: Pop by your local paint supplier, pick out a light toned color paint, and get that paint roller started! And remember… be patient when painting… nobody likes a messy paint job!

3. Flooring

Flooring. Flooring. Flooring. Today’s buyers are not necessarily looking for perfection. Although, they are looking for a great first impression when they take their first step into your listed home. Deep cleaning your floors and baseboard can be a positive experience for potential buyers. 

Wood floors can be polished, carpets and tile can be deep steam cleaned. And if your flooring is not worth saving, go to the extreme, spend a few bucks, and update to a laminate wood, bamboo wood or natural wood finish!

Your Action Step: Take a detailed look at your floors and assess whether they should be deep cleaned or replaced. Then take the appropriate steps to resolving the issues if any.

4. Pre-Inspections

This should likely be the first on the list! Inspections can include; a General Home Inspection, Termite Pest Inspection, or a Roof Inspection, just to name a few…Inspections play a pivotal roll in selling your home. For instance, you may have a buyer in contract. 

Typically the buyer will have a number of days to inspect the property for damages. 

If a buyer identifies something detrimental to the home, they may back-out of the deal or re-negotiate for a reduced price. With that said, having professional licensed inspectors inspect your property can help you identify any repairs that should be made prior to listing your home. 

In addition, you can provide your inspection reports to your potential buyers before they make an offer, disclosing all known facts upfront. 

This in tern will making the process of selling your home a much more smoother process for both parties.Inspectors can help you identify many issues that you may not see, such as; plumbing, heating, foundation, roof, electrical, termite damage, septic tank issues and so much more!

Your Action Step: Connect with me today and I’ll refer you to reputable licensed inspectors

5. The Front Door

Update or sprucing up your front door and hardware. – As potential buyers enter your home, you’ll want to WOW them… and what better way to do so by updating your door to a much more decorative option. 

You may want to update to a; rustic mahogany or contemporary fiberglass door, there are many choices to choose from. 

If updating your front door and hardware is not quite feasible, I highly suggest cleaning your door with soap and water, then adding a little pop of color. Red, teal, and classic white, are always great paint colors to choose.

Your Action Step: Take a good look at your front door. Doesn’t it have dents or paint chips? Is the hardware damaged? 

If so, pop by your local hardware store and figure out what he best solution might be. A full update, paint update, hardware update or cleaning with soap and water are all great choices.

Getting Started

These are just a few Home Seller Tips that will help you accomplish your home sale goals. For more tips and strategies to get your home sold in today’s real estate market. Simply call/text me today: 831-206-2335 

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