Selling a Home

Are you interested in selling your home in less time, with less hassle, while netting you the most profit?

If so, I would love to interview for the position of being your real estate agent.

Selling your home in Monterey County can be a challenge. Although with proper guidance, home preparation and great communication, we can accomplish your personal home sale goals as a team.

Your Goal May Be To:


Upgrade to a Larger Home.


Downsize to a Smaller Home.


Sell to Move Out of State.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve helped many families through the process.

Probate Sale

We work with your Attorney in Monterey County.

Cash Out

Take your Profits.

I will personally help you:

Selling your home under your terms and timeline, while ensuring great communication along our journey is my number one goal!

You may be ready to get started today, or simply planning for your future home sale. Nonetheless, interviewing me today will ensure that you have all of your home sales questions answered.